Web application lab

For non-techies

If you live in Austin, Texas, have little/no technical background, and want a hands-on experience learning how to build websites, I'm here to help.

Outcome-focused by design

Lecture, lab, and laughs.

It'll take more than a day to feel confident building sites. Included in the training is support on both sides of the session in order to set you up for success.

One, 3-hour session

Learn the basics of the web, important tools, and walk out with a landing page & working application.

Continued learning

I'll give you an organized package of all of the tools that most help me to help you on your journey.

Special treatment

By coming to the class, you'll get a discounted freelance rate and priority email response for quick questions.

All inclusive
Hands-on, and continued support
Web basics
Catered lunch
Landing page
A real app
Discounted rates
Priority email
Videos & links
Office hours
Great vibes
Get started
About me

I'm Lawrence 👋🏾

I’m founder and CEO of Pearl, formerly Tech Can [Do] Better. Before that, I worked on enterprise wide challenges in AI, hybrid cloud, and culture at IBM for 6 years. I got my degree in computer science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and have been building websites since then.

For more about me and my work, check out my links.

$900 $450

50% off the next 10 people

If you're interested or have questions, drop your email. We'll run classes in groups of 10.

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Some answers to your questions — hopefully.

Are you only in Austin?

Yes. Until I determine that enough people want this, here or elsewhere, it'll only be here. I'm Zoomed out and am excited to meet in person.

Do I seriously need no prior training?

That's right! While every bit certainly helps, I'm hoping to help the people most in need. The more people know how to use technology, the better we'll all be.

What's necessary for the class?

Most importantly, bring a laptop. This will be hands-on, so prepare to jam. Recommended, bring light snacks, drinks, and a good time.

Can I see some of your work?

You're looking at one example; I built this site in ~3 hours to test if this idea was viable. Some other examples include: the Pearl landing page, the Pearl app, TC[D]B landing page, my personal site, IBM Design for AI, and my old portfolio.

Is there a cheaper way?

Of course. I'm self taught, and learned by doing projects. Development is one of the skills that's easier than ever to learn on your own time.

Why pay for this instead of paying for a site?

When you can prototype your ideas, you save money bringing in someone to build every idea you may have. After your idea has success and you become successful, then you can pay the big bucks. (That's what I'm doing 😉.)

Can I just pay you to make me a site or app?

You can. My availability is low, but I'll prioritize projects:

  • With a clear objective
  • That seem fun
  • That pay well